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Did you know that over 50% of CRM Platform implementations fail to meet business expectations?

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We understand how it feels when you don’t get the results you expect from your CRM platform implementation. It can feel expensive, complicated and overwhelming.

Discover Our Solution

We developed the MOVE methodology to share practical frameworks, and help businesses take control of their CRM platform with confidence.

With Ongoing Support

We provide support and guidance through our consultation, resources and community.

Move Your Customer

The MOVE Methodology will help you get more out of your Salesforce platform.

MOVE is a practical application based on a four pillar approach

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

You are at the vendor selection stage of your CRM journey and salesforce has made the shortlist.

You have implemented Salesforce and know it’s the right tool, but you are not getting what you expected

You have made the decision to purchase Salesforce and want a successful implementation

Your team has not successfully adopted saleforce and you don’t know how to fix it or where to start

if the answer is yes?  we can help you!

Join the Movement

The MOVEMENT is a safe space where people spending their days on CRM and Salesforce can come together to share challenges, successes and experiences with people in similar situations.

We know that in small to medium size businesses, CRM teams and the technical teams that support then are often small. We wanted a community where people could learn and grow together.

You will receive access to articles and masterclasses from our experienced MOVE mentors and Salesforce subject matter experts.

Join our supportive community and expand your knowledge and confidence with other like minded people.


Book a Private Workshop

Would you like a MOVE expert to facilitate your team workshop?


In this session we will:

Explain the “MOVE Your Customer” approach

 in relation to your CRM implementation strategy, based on your customer lifecycle.

Breakdown the “MOVE Methodology”

As it relates to your business and use the four principles to develop your CRM strategy on your platform.

Finally, get you to "MOVE Fast"

by completing the MOVE canvas to bring it all together and provide a plan of action for your CRM Team and Technical Team.

Here's what our Customers say

I wish I had of known this 10 years ago!

It would have saved me so much time.


This will be so helpful in my role

– thank you!’


This process has made me realise the importance of retention and getting it right.


I have a much better understanding of what can actually be done in Salesforce.



Launching in March 2024


Move Your Customer
Customer Management Relationship (CRM) Explained
Salesforce Edition

This is the missing manual for CRM. 

Providing a comprehensive guide for business leaders who want to design effective CRM strategies on Salesforce, the book is unique because it provides practical guidance for Marketing and CRM teams that is often missing from technical resources. 

Emphasising that CRM is about the process of customer relationship management, not just technology. 

About us

We know what it’s like when you are have implemented a CRM Platform and don’t get the results you expect, or your team simply doesn’t work the way they should,

It can feel frustrating, expensive and complicated.

With over 60 years combined experience in IT, Operations, Marketing and Customer Strategy – we have made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

We have drawn on our combined experience to develop a methodology and framework that helps businesses succeed in implementing CRM Platforms and get the most out of their CRM investments.


Fiona Nilsson

B. Business. CSU (AUS)

A qualified and experienced senior Marketing Executive who has worked with customer-centric companies spanning Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, the UK, Ireland, and the USA, Fiona is passionate about the data and customer insights needed to make pragmatic business decisions within a marketing framework.

Ian Sampson

B. Commerce CA(SA)

A seasoned professional with a rich history in technology and business, he started his career as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, but his expertise has always revolved around the practical application of cutting-edge technology to improve businesses. This passion has seen him working for some of the world’s largest companies across the UK, Europe, USA, Channel Islands, Africa and Australia.

Kristen Makin

B. Communication (Journalism) CSU(AUS)

A seasoned CRM and VIP marketing expert, Kristen’s journey began in the online gaming industry during the early 2000s, where she had the privilege of working with some of the most innovative developers in the world. Throughout her career, she has successfully managed customers and teams on an international scale, with responsibility for over 70% of net revenue from existing customers.